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The web pages are designed and optimized to be used by users … humans!
For this reason, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are often discussed in the web site optimization, but… if the user is not human?
To do semantic analysis, competitor analysis, content verification and SEO analysis it would be useful if the pages were also accessible by BOT so they can take all the contents of a site to analyze them and create reports and statistics.
For this purpose, scraping systems exist: to make the contents designed to be used by humans understandable by machines.
ContentXtractor is a scraping tool that can be extremely useful for:

Press review
Extract useful text from web pages to build perfect press reviews. Your users only need the content of the article and not everything else!

Semantic analysis
Get the text of articles, news and blogs and pass them on to your semantic analysis engine.

Keyword analysis
Performs keyword analysis only on useful text, what the user will actually read.